Apr 10, 2017


Blockorio game screenshot
Virtual worlds are full of weird creatures, and some of them just impossible to meet in the reality. For example, alive blocks of this multiplayer online game! They float in their own square universe, trying to become the bigger block around. 

Or rather, real people from all over the world control them and try to play as floating blocks as long as possible, to grow their small square into a huge monster-like creature, and to take a nice place in the game leaderboard. Would you like to participate in this interesting adventure? Would you like to discover some cool features of the game? It’s easy to do through the Blockor.io game review on the Very Good Games blog!
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How to play Blockor.io?

Online game with multiplayer Blockor.io
In the game, we control a small block. When it floats close to other, non-alive blocks without a heart inside, our “hero” attaches them. Step by step the player’s block becomes bigger – when it has collected enough of usual square material, its main core changes the size. The bigger – the better!

Other players do the same. Or almost the same… As in other “io” multiplayer games, such as Agar.io, players can speed-up their progress, attacking characters of each other. To do so in Blockorio, we can bump into a smaller alive block. First, small pieces of building material will fall apart from it. Then the heart-core will be broken, and a hunter will attach all the pieces from a victim. 

This feature makes Blockorio game world quite a dangerous place. Will you be able to stay there for a long time?

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Two playing styles

What about becoming a hunter? If you see someone smaller – attack! If you see someone bigger – first grow in a more safe place and then attack!

What about more peaceful gaming? There are so many blocks around, that it is quite unnecessary to fight for growing. Just collect pieces, and run quickly from any bigger alive block.

Some game tips for Blockorio

How to succeed in Blockor.io
There are special square gems in the game, which give a lot of building blocks. When your “hero” is big enough, bump into that gems and collect what is left.

Blockorio tutorial
Playing Blockor.io, we can rotate our blocks to collect more pieces and move faster. And we can shoot blocks to make our hero smaller. This is helpful when someone chases him.

There are different game modes in Blockorio. In the main one, all play with no partners around. But on the start game screen, we can choose the Team mode! Here all blocks are divided by colors and have team mates. They can attack only members of other teams, trying to make their own group the biggest one. Also, developers promise new modes in the future…

Blockor.io multiplayer adventurea in a blocky world

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