Apr 24, 2017


AstroVault game screenshot
In the limitless outer space, a guy enjoys jumping between asteroids. These fun exercises definitely are good for his health and may open astonishing views on stars. But the guy should be very deft – if he jumps at inappropriate moments, he flies away to nowhere. Or crashes into aliens, which are quite peaceful only if do not touch them.

To make this space adventure long and even profitable, smart gamers should activate jump when the astronaut reaches a certain point on a spinning asteroid and when there are no obstacles on his way. Try to demonstrate amazing game skills and collect a lot of gems on the way! They allow buying new creatures for playing. Such as Ubie from the Up-Up Ubie game. But of course, the main treasure of this game is your fun gaming time =)

AstroVault free mini game

It seems that astronauts like exciting adventures very much! Another one guy explores a huge space station – will you help him solve many puzzles and reach doors in every room of the Exit Isol8 game

Exit Isol8 online game