Apr 23, 2017

Ninja Miner 2

Ninja Miner 2 game screenshot
Virtual mines are full of shiny gems, and a ninja has decided to use his amazing skills for getting a lot of precious crystals. On every level of this unusual puzzle game, the hero should collect all the gems – this will open the exit door! Our ninja can move in mines only on his a bit eccentric way – he jumps from wall to wall, incapable to stop before reaching solid obstacles. Because of this interesting feature, gamers have to plan movements of the guy, to save him from traps, to activate special mechanisms, to take all the helpful items, and to accomplish the main mission.

In new game levels, the ninja enters bigger mines with trickier obstacles. Sometimes only special keys help to succeed. Sometimes only amazing speed and accuracy help to avoid dangerous creatures… Can you collect all the bonus stars in the game? Can you perform all the additional quests?

Ninja Miner 2 - free puzzle and action game

Interesting, what the ninja will do with all the money from the mine? Maybe, he will buy a supercar and will drive it with a friend? As guys from the Thug Racer game:  

Thug Racer game free online

Collecting material from mines is one of the main activities in the Minecraft game. Also, players can dig new dungeons, build amazing constructions, battle monsters… We invite you to discover basics of this cool big game from the Minecraft tutorial series on Very Good Games

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