Apr 10, 2017

Fruit Pulp

Fruit Pulp game screenshot
Fresh and tasty fruits can create a nice mood for us and make us stronger and healthier. In the virtuality of this online mini game, apples, pears, oranges, watermelons, and other goodies have become a source of fun for smart gamers! Here we create lines of four or more identical fruits, putting them in different positions on the game field. Groups of two fruits fall from the upper side, as blocks in well-known Tetris.  And as in that popular puzzle game, we can change positions of our fruit-groups and rotate them, looking for best ways of creating lines. Special missions should be accomplished in every game level. For example, we have to add into our lines a specific number of particular fruits. Or we have to clear game field totally. This interesting brain teaser contains a lot of levels! Can you collect all three bonus stars at every of them?

Free matching game Fruit Pulp

Some game heroes really know how good fruits are for them. A cute lizard from Raptor Fruit Rush runs on virtual locations to collect as many goodies as possible. Will you help the creature to avoid obstacles and holes?

Raptor Fruit Rush - free running game