Apr 12, 2017

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob 3 game screenshot
This small snail passes through so many exciting adventures! This time, Snail Bob visits… Ancient Egypt! In a museum, the creature activated a magical artifact and made a journey in time. Now our hero is stuck among pyramids with their dangerous traps – will we, gamers, help him find his way to another one time-portal and back to the modern world?
To do so, we should activate some mechanisms on the Snail’s way – open different “doors”, turn on elevators, change Bob’s direction… Sometimes we have to act fast to prevent falling into an abyss or burning on a laser ray. And at every level, we need a bit of thinking to understand what and how to do. 
This Snail Bob game proposes collecting hidden bonus stars – will you find them all?

Snail Bob 3 - free puzzle game

Exploration of virtual locations, collecting precious artifacts, and battling against enemies – what a cool virtual choice for exciting gaming! This kind of adventures we may have in the Key & Shield game on the Very Good Games blog!

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