Apr 14, 2017

Egg-mania has begun! Are you ready for an Easter event in Pokemon Go?

News on Very Good Games about Easter event in the Pokemon Go game
Sun is shining, flowers are blooming, birds are singing – spring has come to the northern part of the Earth. And pleasant autumn has covered the southern one… Why spent time at home, when there is so pleasant weather around and we can walk under the sky a whole day long?..

And if we need an extra motivation for walking, the Pokemon Go game gives one! A new event has begun in the augmented reality of virtual Pocket Monsters. It is connected to the Easter celebration and to Pokemon eggs. It has been named Eggstravaganza – let’s discover which opportunities Pokemon trainers got this time!

Traditions of Easter celebrations are tightly connected to eggs. And Pokemon Go contains eggs – trainers can hatch Pokemon creatures from them. Why not connect this two “egg-features”? And the developers of Pokemon Go did so – the Easter event, Eggstravaganza is all about eggs.

2 km egg for hatching Pokemon in Pokemon Go game
Pokemon trainers get more different creatures from 2-km eggs from 13th to 20th of April 2017! Who will be in your next egg? Maybe someone really rare…

Also, players report, that there are a few new Pokemon in 5 and 10 km eggs.

Pictures of all creatures available for hatching from eggs during Eggstravaganza in Pokemon Go we have posted in this article lower...

Candy for Bulbasaur Pokemon family in Pokemon Go game
Every cracked egg gives us more Pokemon Candies! This means faster evolution and power up of Pokemon.

Lucky Egg - in-game item for extra experience points (XP) in Pokemon Go
Also, Lucky Egg, an item for extra experience points, is twice cheaper for this period. And this gives a chance for more XP, for faster leveling up of our game character and making even more rare Pokemon available around us.

So, how to get the maximum from playing Pokemon Go on this Easter
  1. Collect as many 2-km eggs as possible by visiting PokeStops.
  2. Walk with these eggs in incubators as long as possible (enjoying nice weather, beautiful nature, pleasant people around…).
  3. Activate Lucky Egg and open all prepared eggs during following 30 minutes.
  4. Repeat all the processes, while they make you happy!
A poster about Eggstravaganza in Pokemon Go

And here we have a list of Pokemon, which can be hatched from 2-km eggs during this Easter event.

Aerodactyl Pokemon
Dunsparce Pokemon
Eevee Pokemon
Elekid Pokemon
Girafarig Pokemon
Grimer Pokemon
Growlithe Pokemon
Koffing Pokemon
Lapras Pokemon
Larvitar Pokemon
Magby Pokemon
Miltank Pokemon
Onix Pokemon
Phanpy Pokemon
Rhyhorn Pokemon
Scyther Pokemon
Shellder Pokemon
Shuckle Pokemon
Skarmory Pokemon
Smoochum Pokemon
Sneasel Pokemon
Stantler Pokemon
Sudowoodo Pokemon
Tangela Pokemon
Tyrogue Pokemon
Wobbuffet Pokemon
Wooper Pokemon
And also we have information about hatching unusual Pokemon from other types of eggs.

From 5 km eggs during Eggstravaganza players can get:

Chikorita Pokemon
Cyndaquil Pokemon
Totodile Pokemon
From 10 km eggs gamers can get:

Porygon Pokemon

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