Apr 15, 2017

Key & Shield 2

Key & Shield 2 game screenshot
Evil creatures still hold under their tyranny a fairy virtual land. The ball-like hero from the previous part of the Key & Shield game continues his fight for freedom. He explores different locations and rescues his fellows, locked in cages. On the way, he also battles occupants and collects precious coins.

The guy has only two items in his mission – they are a key for opening any cage, and a shield to block shots of enemies and to slide in the air while jumping. Many cool things may be done with these two objects. Of course, the guy can’t do anything without smart gamers’ help!

To finish a level, we have to reach the main cage there and free another one inhabitant of the fairy land. On the way, we can rescue small cute bats, named ‘babas’ – they are trapped in smaller cages. 
To knock out some of the enemies, the hero should jump onto their heads. But this trick works not all the time – for example, shining and shooting creatures can burn our guy…

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Key & Shield 2 free adventure game

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