Apr 13, 2017

Gold Mine

Gold Mine game screenshot
A lucky miner has found an amazing dungeon – gold and diamonds literally fall onto him there. Yes, really, those precious but very heavy blocks slowly move toward the guy, so he risks to be smashed by them. But what can stop a bit greedy adventurer when the shine of gold has caught his eyes? He is eager to collect as many costly materials as possible. And with the help of us, gamers, he has chances to stay alive after this experience.

At every level of the game, the hero should stand a specific number of heavy blocks’ movements. While they approach, our guy can throw his pickaxe in groups of two or more identical blocks. They will disappear, new groups will be made, and after destroying them the miner may delay dreadful pressing of the wall…

Of course, it’s a player who aims with the pickaxe! And this process asks for attention and thinking – try to predict situations in the massive of blocks to have new groups after every throw. Collected gold, diamonds, and fossils will bring bonus points!

Gold Mine - free mini game for mobile devices

There is a much bigger game with mining – Minecraft! We may become not only collectors there but also creators of new elements and amazing constructions. Did you play Minecraft? We have prepared a tutorial series for beginners on Very Good Games:

Minecraft tutorials on the Very Good Games blog

A search for precious elements can lead… to faraway galaxies! In the Starblast.io multiplayer game, a lot of players take spaceships, destroy asteroids and fight each other to have many-many red crystals and to develop their technics to the max.

Starblast.io online space shooter