Apr 16, 2017

Troll Boxing

Troll Boxing game screenshot
What a nice sport for angry trolls – beat each other hard, trying to knock an opponent to unconscious state… But for gamers, it may become quite a nice entertainment – to control those virtual trolls during their powerful fight.

In this fun fighting game, we can choose different trolls and try to win with them as many rounds as possible. At the start, only the weakest creature is available. But after achieving a few victories, we can unblock more powerful trolls-boxers and win with them much longer chains of consecutive fights.

The game heroes can perform two actions: attack and block. Only with deft combinations of them, we can win a round. Blocks work only for a short period, so they should be activated at moments when an opponent begins his attack. And if a virtual opponent use block very often, we should catch nice moments to reach their ugly faces by mighty fists of our the same ugly heroes))

Troll Boxing - online fighting game

Some awful monsters may decide to attack not their fellows but peaceful people. And they should be stopped! As in the Vikings vs. Monsters game on the Very Good Games blog:

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