Apr 9, 2017

Fit It Quick

Fit It Quick game screenshot
Although this game looks similar to classic Tetris, it has different rules and gives different feelings during playing. Here we have Tetris-like blocks of different shapes. They do not fall from the upper side but wait patiently when we put them in a correct place on the game field. Gamers should fill a special area, and some work of our brains is needed for accomplishing this task – to where put all those pieces, how to do so as fast as possible… Of course, if you do not care about bonus stars, you can give yourself time for proper thinking. And in many levels of this puzzle game, it is really essential!

Fit It Quick mini game for mobile devices

A bit of thinking is needed not only in brain teasers! Even when we play as Burrito Bison and just smash hordes of gummy bears, we need to think which updates to buy, when to activate the Bison’s powers… To think, but not too much – and this can be nice relaxation!

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