Apr 9, 2017


Skribbl.io game screenshot
This multiplayer game is based on a popular party entertainment – one chooses a word and draws a picture connected with it, while others guess the word. Here the rules are the same, with the only difference that players are located in many places of the world and are connected by the amazing power of the Internet.

First of all, we create our character! It is a simple process – just choose eyes, mouth, and a color for a funny painted guy. Then we can participate in a common playroom and begin earning points for guessing others’ words. There is a whiteboard on the screen. Slowly, lines and shapes appear there. On the upper side, we can see places for letters – it is really helpful, because we know a number of them and even some of them, if they become revealed. 

Have got a word in your head? Type it and see if it is correct! If someone draws rubbish, use thumb-down to express your feelings. Too many of such signs stop this attempt. Soon you will be able to choose your own word and try to draw it.

The Skribbl.io game has a unique possibility to create a private room and play with invited friends – this is really cool and exciting gaming!

Multiplayer game Skribblio

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