Apr 8, 2017


review of the Starblast.io game
In a galaxy far-far away, spaceships collect precious crystals. These beautiful and costly things may be obtained from destroyed asteroids and… from destroyed spaceships. So some adventurers act as peaceful miners and collect asteroid crystals. Others are rather warriors and hunters – they attack each other and grab everything that is left from a victim…

The most exciting thing about this game is multiplayer. All those spaceships are controlled by people from different places of the real world. Will you join them? Will you take your own ship and begin your own adventure?

Starblast.io - space shooter

At the start, your space technics will be very simple. Destroying big asteroids with a lot of crystals will be a hard task. Battling against even a bit stronger opponent will be a risky decision.

So even if you prefer battle-like style, it will be better to avoid conflicts at the beginning and collect many crystals from small and middle asteroids. Then you can upgrade your ship and become a much more powerful player.


Spaceships of Starblast.io game
Upgrading happens during the game – when you have collected some quantity of crystals, the improvement menu appears on the screen. There is a possibility of making the spaceship speedier and more protected, and its weapon more powerful… These features are located in the lower part of the game screen. 

And also you can change a type of your ship. This kind of upgrade menu appears on the upper side of the screen. The higher level you have reached in the game, the more powerful spaceships you take during this technical evolution.


Play Starblast.io online
The game is a bit similar to other “io” games, such as Agar.io and Slither.io, but has a unique aspect - communication between players. There is a menu for activating short messages. They appear near your ship. 

And it is very useful when you don’t want to attack everybody around. Maybe after saying “Hello” to each other, you will create a team and explore virtual sky together, collecting more crystals and fighting angry players. 

This feature makes playing Starblast.io a cool example of exciting gaming!

Different rooms

Starblastio - shooter in outer space
If your ship is destroyed, you lose only a part of your crystals and may stay in the same galaxy, or game room, and continue the game with more powerful technic than from the very start. To do so, click ‘respawn’ button.

But it is not always the best decision. For example, when you have been spawned in a room with too aggressive players and you prefer a more peaceful place to play. So just begin the game again – click ‘quit’ button after destroying or reload the page.

Every room in the Starblast.io game has its own address. You may copy one, send it to a friend and play together in one galaxy. To do so, it is enough to add a room code (in the form of #4345) to URL of starblast.io.   

For those gamers, who like more classic ways of collecting precious crystals, we recommend the Diggy 2 game – a cute creature became a miner on the Moon and needs help in its exciting hunt for treasures…

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