Apr 12, 2017

Where are you running, Mario? A review of an extraordinary game

Super Mario Run on Very Good Games
The legendary hero has appeared in another one game! Brave Mario continues his fight against evil Bowser in very different format – in Super Mario Run we can control the guy just with one hand, and do this not on Nintendo game consoles but on usual Android and iOS devices.

So, is the new Mario game worthy of being part of one of the most popular series? What’s going on in the virtual Mushroom Kingdom? Is it just cool to play Super Mario Run? Let’s figure out in this game review!

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Oh, that evil, very evil Bowser…

As in many other Mario games, including the legendary platformer Super Mario Bros., this adventure begins because of Bowser. Someone calls this creature evil, a villain. But we can look at the situation from a different angle – Bowser seems to be a very fun guy, who tries to bring a bit of excitement into a boring life of Princess Peach and Mario. He kidnaps the princess again and again but doesn’t really hurt her. Maybe he just waits for Mario to continue their favorite fighting game? 

Bowser in the Super Mario Run game

And of course, it will be difficult to begin a new Mario adventure if Bowser will not organize some mischief… Now he creates new chaos in the kingdom and takes Peach into his castle. Mario should rescue the girl and restore order in the country!

Jump, jump, and jump again

The Super Mario Run game has been made for smartphones and tablets, so its gameplay should be really different from previous adventures in the same game universe – how to control Mario without a gamepad?

Gameplay of Super Mario Run - game screenshots

Mario runs automatically, jumps over low obstacles and small holes by himself, and stops only when meets special “pause” signs. 

The developers simplified all the controlling to taps. Touch a screen, and Mario will jump! But at the same time, they included to that tap a lot of different possibilities, depending on how and when to perform it. Hold tap longer, and Mario will jump higher. Tap when Mario is jumping over an enemy, and he will smash that Goomba or Koopa. Tap when Mario touches a wall and he will jump even higher. And these are just examples of possible Mario tricks.

In fact, the game is not as simple as it may seem! Every level is full of different possibilities, and often many-many attempts are needed to collect all special purple coins, to pass through all the dangers, to open every castle in all six worlds, and to defeat all the bosses and Bowser himself.

A multiplayer rally and a cozy kingdom

Adventures of the main story mode are just a part of the game. There also is a unique multiplayer mode, named Toad Rally – real players compete with each other in running through game locations. If you control Mario in a cool way, you have a lot of Toads, excited by your style. If you collect more Toads than an opponent, you will get them into your kingdom and can develop it.

Toad Rally and Kingdom Building - game modes of Super Mario Run

Building a kingdom is another one game mode in Super Mario Run. It’s quite a cute entertainment, where we can choose colorful objects, made in Mario-style and fill our locations with them.

Super Mario Run and useful gaming

What can we say about the game through the prism of the useful gaming lifestyle? There is only one big problem with Super Mario Run! But it can become an advantage if we know what to do with it…

The game creates in players a tendency to strain muscles while playing and press the screen of their devices with unnecessary tense. If do not control this, such tension and strain may create a lot of problem for body and mind. And here comes a possibility of self-improvement during Super Mario Run – try to be relaxed even in the tensest situations of the game. If we can do so, this ability will be useful in many situations of the life.

So, Super Mario Run is quite a suitable game for cheerful gaming! :) And we recommend installing it from your mobile marketplace. You should know that the game is not free – to open all 6 words we have to pay $10.


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