Apr 16, 2017

Solitaire Classic Easter

Solitaire Classic Easter game screenshot
Spring is a time of blooming, a time of beauty… And Easter is one of the most popular spring holidays. For some people, it has a religious meaning. For others, it’s just a nice opportunity to enjoy a free time. In any case, the bright mood of spring and Easter makes everything around a bit prettier. Even a deck of simple cards may become more beautiful. Of course, if it has been made in the Easter style – with cute rabbits, colorful flowers, painted eggs…

Why not take relaxed minutes and not try to collect all the cards into four separate decks? Only design of the game is different from classic solitaire but rules are the same – put lower cards on upper with opposite colors, open hidden cards, begin every deck of a particular suit with an ace and finish with a king, take new cards from the extra deck to make moves in difficult situations.

In this stylized version of free online Solitaire, we have no limitation of time. But still, a bit of thinking with some luckiness will be needed to finish the game successfully. Don’t give up, if this didn’t happen at the first try – in new attempts, your game experience will help to think on few steps forward and plan moves of cards better…

Free online game Solitaire Classic Easter

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