Apr 7, 2017


Slither.io game screenshot
Many pieces of glowing food are not enough for colorful worms. They slither all around trying eating each other. And real players from all over the world stand behind those creatures – this is a multiplayer game, and all worms live in one big location. To let our heroes survive here for a more or less long time, we should control worm’s movements really deftly! If somebody crashes into a side of your creature, it will disappear, leaving a lot of special food. It is much more nutritious and makes your worm grow very fast! That’s why many players hunt on others’ worms – to block their ways and eat them. This is very similar to original Agar.io game.

If you decide to participate in this adventure, try to speed up your worm in an appropriate moment. But there also are other ways of playing Slither.io – for example, to not hunt, and try to grow your worm only with available food. It may be just usual pieces. Or even remains of other, less cautious worms. In this style of gaming, we become not hunters but explorers and gatherers, seekers of ways to live peacefully in a bit cruel environment…

slitherio multiplayer game

Eating is an essential aspect of the human life too. And we can do it in different ways: a healthy one, when we eat fruits, nuts, and cereals; and a dangerous one, when we become addictive to sugar and other dreadful things. But of course, virtual people may do not care about healthy food – they do not exist after all… Like many hungry characters of the Heavenly Sweet Donuts game.

Online business game Heavenly Sweet Donuts