Apr 8, 2017


Turbotastic game screenshot
It is a simple and fun racing game, where gamers can try to set amazing records of distance, collected bonuses, and… smashed cars. We drive a car on a crowded highway – a lot of slow autos are around, so the virtual driver should demonstrate nice deftness to avoid crashes and to not lose speed and precious time. One of the most interesting aspects of this online mini game is a chance to change our car during the race! There are two kinds of bonus artifacts for this “miracle”: ‘K’ activates a monster truck, which can smash other cars without losing speed; ‘N’ gives a supercar, which is really fast, but also it is very sensitive to crashes.

Turbotastic - mini racing game for mobile devices

Collecting bonuses on the way and avoiding obstacles – it is like a description of another game genre, Running Adventures. We have some of these game on our blog here:

Adventure runners - a collection of free mini games