May 31, 2017

Candy Thief

Free online game Candy Thief for computers, smartphones, tablets
Sugar is dreadfully dangerous not only in the real life but sometime also in the virtual worlds of computer games! If in the reality sugary candies may destroy our health and make us ugly and fat, in the virtuality of this online adventure, they can literally smash a hero. It is quite a reason to run – will you help the guy to choose an appropriate action to not fall into a trap, not touch any candy, and not to be caught by a huge sugar monster?

Of course, the efforts to save the guy can’t be totally successful – he is a thief and will not avoid punishment for his theft (the same as in the reality). The game is endless, and the run will continue till the first error or delay of actions. How far can you reach here? Notice that sometimes obstacles move and you have to act at a right moment!

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Candy Thief - free online running adventure on our gaming blog

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