May 31, 2017

Magikarp Jump – childish happiness of Pokemon trainers

Magikarp Jump game screenshots Guys, let’s go fishing! No, we don’t mean killing real or even virtual fish. Let’s catch a lot of fish Pokemon, named Magikarps, and make glorious jumpers of them! This happens in a free game Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, released by Nintendo and Pokemon Company for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Do we need to be a bit crazy of Pokemon to enjoy this game? Is it a nice one for adult gamers? Is it just a good game or not? Let’s answer these questions in our Magikarp Jump review!

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Who’s that Magikarp?

It is rather an odd question in the community of Pokemon trainers! And after the success of another one mobile game with Pokemon, Pokemon Go, we have really a lot of enthusiastic trainers in the world. But let’s explain the situation for those lucky guys, which just open to themselves the fascinating world of Pokemon.

So, Magikarp is a bit weird Pokemon. He is a fish that do almost nothing – just jumps like usual fish on a shore. Magikarp is not really rare and precious in Pokemon games. He does not powerful in battles. His only but very significant advantage is the possibility to evolve into powerful dragon Gyarados.

And that Magikarp got his own game! The time of his fame begins…

Pokemon Magikarp Jump - a Nintendo game for tablets and smartphones

Feed! Train! Jump!

In the Magikarp Jump game, we catch this fish Pokemon and raise his jumping abilities. This happens by feeding him different goodies and participating in different trainings. Such actions increase Jump Points of our creature and then he can show his power in competitions. There are a few leagues in the game with many battles in them.

During the progress in the game, new food appears, and new types of training become available. Our virtual trainer meets different virtual people, which give new items or resources. Our Magikarp meets new Pokemon and they give him different advantages.

We play here not with one Magikarp but with many – they have a limitation at leveling up. After it is reached, we should catch a new Magikarp and begin his training. The more experienced our hero is, the better Magikarp he can catch.

How to play Magikarp Jump - a review of the game on the blog for smart gamers

The game is cute. But the game is strange…

Magikarp Jump game has a lot of positive sides – it is cute, bright, with many possibilities of developing our Pokemon, hero, and even the game environment. But at the same time, the game process is full of repetitive actions! Be ready to see many identical dialogs and scenes, press a lot of “Skip” and “Ok” buttons. Many things in Magikarp Jump are based on randomness - results of trainings, for example. And this means that players may show their skills only in choosing a few things, such as which update to activate, which item or decoration to buy, when to go on competition.

Still, Pokemon: Magikarp Jump creates really a positive experience – and we think it is the main thing for a good game! It has an end, and it is quite possible to reach it (unlike in many modern mobile games). Youngsters among Pokemon trainers may find this game super-duper cool! And if there is a child inside of a grown-up gamer, we recommend him trying Magikarp Jump.

To play Magikarp Jump, install it from a marketplace:

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