May 24, 2017

Disgaea 5 – anime adventures in worlds of demons. For PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Review of Disgaea 5 on Very Good Games - a game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch
The Universe is limitless and has limitless possibilities in it! Maybe odd worlds and dimensions exist somewhere. And weird creatures live there. Maybe they are demons, which live in their own Netherworlds. But of course, they may even don’t know that they are demons and just live their life, trying to make their worlds better places… To expand in a way our views on the Universe and have a lot of fun, we can play Disgaea 5 – a game about demons and their fights against especially evil Demon Emperor Void Dark.

Disgaea 5 – is a part of a legendary series Disgaea! Firstly it appeared in an edition for PlayStation 4 game consoles with the title Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. And then it became available for Nintendo Switch as Disgaea 5 Complete – from 23th of May 2017 in the USA and from 26th of May 2017 in Europe. Let’s have a closer look on this tactical RPG!

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Who is evilier than hordes of demons?

Fantastic creatures of all colors and shapes of the Netherworlds lived in peace before the appearance of Demon Emperor Void Dark. Well, maybe that “peace” was just a balance of powers, maintained by Overlords, rulers of those Netherworlds – but in the case of demons, it is normal. Void Dark has decided to destroy that feeble peace along with Netherworlds themselves. Why? But what the reasons should have the evilest creature of a video game? He is evil! Is that not enough?

It would be boring if there will be no hero to save the situation. And there would be no Disgaea 5 without a brave and good demon, named Killia, who have decided to stop Void Dark and his supporters. For returning peace in the demon worlds, of course! Killia gets other warriors around him, and step by step they battle power enemies and clear Netherworlds. 

RPG game Disgaea 5 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 game consoles

Make your team and win a lot of battles!

“A tactical RPG” means that you make a battle team, choosing different characters and developing their powers and abilities. In Disgaea 5 gamers take their teams to different areas where face teams of enemies. Turn-based battles begin and every of team members should activate attacks, defends, and magic to get the victory! Of course, it is a player who decides what actions to perform. And you’ll have huge arsenal of different tricks – sometimes, they are really unusual. Between the battles, players can explore locations, communicate with characters, collect items…

Disgaea 5 Complete is colorful and fantasy-like. The game is interesting for its unusual plot and its unique style, but you should be ready to pass through many dialogs in cut-scenes. It’s nice to have so many characters in a role-playing game and so many features of them – this means really exciting virtual battles. And a lot of them! Developers promise 100 hours of playing Disgaea 5.

Disgaea 5 Complete contains the original Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance and all the available DLC (downloadable content). To buy the game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 game consoles, visit an appropriate store:

Buy Disgaea 5 in PlauStation Store        Buy Disgaea 5 Complete online for the Nintendo Switch game console

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