May 4, 2017

Hop Don't Stop

Hop Don't Stop game screenshot
Rabbits are nature runners! And it seems like they really enjoy the process. Like a cute animal from this online game. The small creature runs on an endless track, collecting colorful bonus items. Our rabbit is so excited about this running adventure, that he can’t stop himself! To keep his run, we should activate jumps, slides, and dodges. If we’ll do this not in time, the rabbit will fall into a hole or will bump into an obstacle! To make the rabbit continue the game for a really long time, buy useful updates in the shop, because gradually the run becomes even speedier.

Hop Don't Stop a runner

Some people like running too! For example, Jack and his friends from the Subway Surfers game

Subway Surfers - free running adventure

What may rabbits love even more than running exercise? Sweet fresh carrots, of course! A long-eared hero of the Greedy Rabbit platformer gets a lot of this and other goodies:\

Greedy Rabbit - online mini game for mobile devices

Snail Bob is a slower adventurer. In his free online games, we have a nice training for our brains. Play Snail Bob 3 on the Very Good Games blog!

Snail Bob 3 - free puzzle game online