May 5, 2017

Magic Solitaire World

Magic Solitaire World game screenshot
What about a bit of magic, guys? Or rather card tricks :) This colorful game proposes a fun and interesting version of solitaire! No more boring cards – here we have a deck with cute pictures, and even the playing room around is full of cool magic stuff. But the game itself is not always an easy-peasy one. To get the victory, we have to think and plan our actions in advance. The rules are similar to classic solitaire games. Smart gamers should take away all the cards from the game field, putting them in the active deck. A lower card can be placed on a higher. And a higher card can be placed on a lower. Their suits don’t matter. And of course, we can take extra cards and use different helpful magic power-ups!

The game is interesting by its many levels. We do not have to finish solitaire with four full decks, at it is usual, but can deal with many small tasks.

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Magic Solitaire World - free card game

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