May 5, 2017

Pokemon Go through the Simpsons’ eyes

Simpsons' parody of Pokemon Go
Two legends met each other – a legendary cartoon series Simpsons have got an episode with a parody of a legendary game Pokemon Go. Homer, Lisa, and many other inhabitants of Springfield became obsessed with virtual creatures and began a hunt for them. It is the same like the current obsession of humanity with virtual Pocket Monsters. 

Although we write about games on our blog, we completely agree with a criticism of Pokemon Go, made by authors of Simpsons. Let us explain why.

Simpsons and Pokemon Go

Homer Simpson catches Pokemon in the nuclear station with risk for his life… Lisa Simpson forgets about other cool stuff and explores the world through the screen of her smartphone… People spend time and money on unreal creatures… Isn’t this something that happens in real life?

Games are cool! They give us some exciting experience, they create some sort of magic in our day by day activities. We express ourselves through games, in games. We can learn something about ourselves and about the reality around us by playing virtual games. But they shouldn’t be the main thing in the life! Games have their place, and it is better to keep them there!

Pokemon Go has a nice idea – walking in the real world with a motivation to catch Pokemon sometimes. And it is really nice, because many people got their… bodies out of the couches and began to walk regularly. But they do not watch the beauty of the real world but continue staring into screens. Is this good? We don’t think so!

Simpsons criticized Pokemon Go

The problem with Pokemon Go is an obsession with it. People shouldn’t have their time playing video games permanently! If we can easily forget about Pokemon during walks, and play the game just time after time – that means we have no problems with it.

A mass obsession is not a reason to do something! 

So criticism of Pokemon Go from Simpsons is a very interesting opinion. It will be useful to have glimpse on Pokemon through the Simpsons eyes!

To watch online the episode of Simpsons with the parody of Pokemon Go, visit the official page of FOX


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