Jun 1, 2017

Bowling Masters

Bowling Masters game screenshots
Let’s play bowling? Of course, this game gives a lot of excitement if play it in the real world with real friends. But when this is not possible, why not enjoy a virtual simulator of bowling? And here we have a good one! Its main feature is different types of tasks at game levels. Everything begins with usual pins, which gamers should knock down by the ball for getting a lot of points. But then pins are replaced by magic bubbles, black bombs appear among them, pins begin to move during an attempt…

In the game, we can move the ball left-right, chose the direction of spinning, and set the power of a throw.

Bowling Masters - free game for Android tablets and smartphones, for iPads and iPhones, for Windows and Mac computers

Many different games have been adapted for computer virtuality and get their game simulators. On the Very Good Games we create a collection of such games: cards, mahjong, chess, checkers:

A collection of cards, mahjong, chess, checkers, and other free game simulators on the blog for smart gamers

Some entertainments exist only in virtual worlds. And this is for better indeed – for example, battles of anime-demons against evil Demon Emperor Void Dark. This happens in the Universe of the Disgaea 5 game on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch game consoles:

Dosgaea 5 - a legendary game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch game consoles