Jun 2, 2017

Viking Pub

Viking Pub game screenshots
Eat tons of meat and drink gallons of beer – what a nice way to an early death for Vikings! Yes, it is quite painful when the body begins falling apart because of these awful habits. But for Vikings, this may be even better than participating in countless dreadful battles. Will we, gamers, help Vikings in this game to accomplish their weird goal – eat and drink as much as possible?

The game is quite fun – one Viking eats meat and another one drinks beer. Choose to whom give every portion, trying not to make mistakes. How many points will you get before one of the guys will vomit by the rainbow (who knows, maybe this is a healing for him). The better result – the more stuff you will get for the virtual pub. Make decisions in the game quickly – delays stop an attempt!

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Screenshots of a Viking Pub game - a restarant game on the blog for smart gamers

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