Jun 1, 2017

How to play Pokemon Duel: Let’s win a duel!

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The Pokemon Duel game is a bit similar to chess, and this means a possibility to use some strategies for achieving victories in matches. In the case of chess, humanity has invented a lot of different game tactics, which even have their own names. But the situation with Pokemon Duel is different – we are rather like discoverers and explorers, we have a chance to develop our own ways of playing Pokemon Duel! 

There are so many Pokemon to compose a team of figures, and not all of them may be freely available for a player! There are so many different opponents with their unique teams, and we should be ready to face them, to change our strategy during the duel without too long thinking. 

But still, some general principles for Pokemon trainers can be distinguished in this game. After getting quite successful experience, we have prepared this Pokemon Duel tutorial about game strategy! Whom to take into our team? How to act on the game field? Let’s figure this out!

On the stage of composing a Pokemon team

Our actions during a duel are based on Pokemon in our team. Of course, to have a nice choice of figures, we should get them from the game – the more you play, the better Pokemon you have in the collection. But even beginners in Pokemon Duel have a choice of Pokemon – these figures are good enough for the starter level!

So, whom to take? Make your choice, depending on which of these three game strategies you prefer:
  1. Fast attack, fast success. Players take Pokemon figures with 3 MP to try and reach the opponent’s Goal Point very quickly. This Pokemon Duel strategy has the minus – fast figures are rather weak, so they may lose the very first battle, and your fast attack will fail at the start.
  2. Slowly but powerfully. Players take only the most powerful Pokemon, even if they have only 1 MP. Safety is priority #1! And Time-UP Win is also a win! The problem is, that slow and mighty Pokemon may just do not have a chance to block their Goal Point. And Time-Up Win is rather exhausting experience…
  3. A mix of fast and powerful Pokemon. Players try to achieve a fast victory but are ready for a long duel too. It seems like the best way of playing, but it has minuses too. You may don’t have enough fast Pokemon or enough powerful Pokemon when they are needed. Especially, when you need Pokemon of a particular type, but they all are in Pokemon Center and you have only inappropriate creatures available…
A very nice strategy of composing a Pokemon Duel team
  • Take one-two really powerful defensive Pokemon for blocking your Goal Point.
  • Take two fast Pokemon for quick attacks.
  • Take two-three Pokemon with 2 MP and the best possible Data Disk.
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Pokemon Duel strategies during a duel

There are no such a way of playing Pokemon Duel that guarantees the victory for you. Battles in the game are based on the random spinning of Data Disks – that’s why everything may happen here.

The best way to win is thinking about game strategy directly during a duel, acting on situations, being ready to change all your plans and improvise.

But still, there is a few general advices for you, guys:
  • Always watch Pokemon and plates of your opponent. These are the first things you should notice immediately after an opponent has been found! Some of this Pokemon you may know, so you will act in a different way (Shuppet may pass through Pokemon, so you have to block Goal Point or use Kirlia-family to block Shuppet). Some plates give special advantages, so it is better to know what your opponent have (sometimes, the “Hurdle Jump” plate may bring to an opponent a fast victory, so if you see this plate you should always consider the possibility that it will be used).
  • Begin your moves with fast Pokemon. Try to reach with them the opponents Goal and Entry Points at the very start of a duel.
  • Always think about safety. Better to stop a fast attack and protect your Goal Point than risk too much. Think about safety all the time of a duel – “can this move open a way to the victory for the opponent?”…
  • Try to block your opponents Entry Points. It is a good tactic in Pokemon Duel. Always try to keep your entry Points free.
  • Never begin a battle, if losing it will open a way to your Goal Point. If the opponent begins a battle, you will have a chance to do something on your turn.
  • Always remember about surrounding! Avoid situations when the opponent may easily surround your figures. Create situations when you can surround opponent’s figures. 

    Abilities of your Pokemon is a very significant part of the game strategy

    In the tutorial “How to play Pokemon Duel: What should we know about figures” we have explained different features of Pokemon figures. One of them, special abilities, is a really important thing for creating a winning strategy. Knowing, what your figures are able to do, may help you immensely. Ignoring these abilities may lead to missing nice opportunities…

    A banner with examples of special abilities of Pokemon figures in the Pokemon Duel game

    So, always read descriptions of your new Pokemon in the “Menu->View figures” section! For example, all the legendary birds (Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos) can fly over the most of opponent’s figures. It may bring a fast victory, if you do not forget this ability. Other Pokemon can’t pass Vibrava and can’t begin the battle immediately after standing near this figure. This ability may be used in different nice ways, such as blocking ability of Torterra to stay in the Entry Point and keep it open for Pokemon of his team.

    Plates in Pokemon Duel strategies

    The special cards, or plates, in this Pokemon game, allow performing special actions: more powerful attacks, jumping over figures, healing, and many others. We can take only a few plates to a duel, so should choose them properly and keep them in mind during the game.

    A banner with Pokemon Duel plates - special cards for different abilities of Pokemon figures

    For example, the “Goal Block” plate gives a chance to move any Pokemon on the field to the Goal Point. Having it, you can be bolder in your attacks and even risk keeping the Goal Point unprotected.

    Experience matters!

    Thinking about Pokemon Duel strategies and reading game tutorials – it’s a nice preparation to the game. But the real action begins only during duels. And only this action can really give you game experience and teach how to develop your own game strategy. 

    Play more! Do not become upset because of loses – sometimes they can teach even better than victories. Collect more Pokemon and learn their features. Be ready to change your team and change your strategy.

    And of course – just enjoy the game! After all, gaming is rather about happy and joyful time, not about tense competitions))

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