Aug 15, 2017

Lazy Robber

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A guy in this game wants to become rich doing nothing. What do you think guys, this is possible? We think that the game hero has made even two mistakes! First, he decided to become a robber – stealing things never comes to something good. Second, he even doesn’t want to move for taking precious gems – such laziness is an easy way to become fat and ugly, to lose everything.

But gamers act differently in this game. First, we steal nothing, so make no troubles for ourselves and for people around. Second, we give a nice training for our brains – in this puzzle game, players should think how to remove different blocks to make gems falling on the robbery’s head. Developed brains will be very useful in the real life!

Tasks of game mission may seem simple. But try to get all the bonus stars there!

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Screenshots from the Lazy Robber puzzle game - play it online free on computer, tablet, smartphone

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