Sep 16, 2017

Injustice 2 Mobile – a place, where superheroes fight

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It seems like somebody (superheroes, for example) just can’t live in peace. There always is something for them to protect, there always are feats to perform. And of course, near heroes should be villains. Super villains. They exist to create reasons for using and improving power of you know who. Without Joker, who will know and appreciate Batman? Without Brainiac and his evil fellows, who will need Superman? And in the real world, by the way, who will need army without some “bad guys” – terrorists etc?

Gamers with Android and iOS tablets and smartphones can get a chance to think about an uneasy life of super heroes, following their fighting adventures in the game Injustice 2 Mobile. This is a free version of a big game with the same name. It is just a good game without any philosophical or political thinking – just fight in the virtuality to get new heroes, to develop them and to fight even on a more powerful level.

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To play Injustice 2 Mobile, install the game on your device from an appropriate marketplace:

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Many modes of one game

This game can easily be called an outstanding example of the fighting genre. Everything is thought out here, and gamers can find themselves involved in different game modes for getting some special resources, for participating in online competitions, for levelling up their heroes, and, of course, for moving forward on the storyline.

A manu of the Injustice 2 Mobile game for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones
The story mode of Injustice 2 Mobile isn’t the main game mode. There is a Campaign mode in the first place in the menu and the main events happen there! Players make a team of super guys and girls, and fight against a given sequence of enemies. Many items can be won here to make the team better and to get new heroes.

The menu of Arena Battles - a multiplayer mode of the fighting game Injustice 2 Mobile
And we have Arena Battles with regular tournaments: players put their team for battling other guys’ heroes and to get some useful items. On the one hand, it is a multiplayer fighting. On the other, battles here are not really against a human-opponent. They are just against his team, controlled by computer.

A manu of daily Resources Missions in Injustice 2 Mobile - a fighting game with superheroes
Also, Injustice 2 Mobile proposes a section of Operations for sending heroes on adventures (they will return with items); Daily Missions for getting resources; Special Tournaments for collecting shards of unique heroes (for some quantity you’ll get a super rare guy or girl).

So, almost everything in this game is about collecting new heroes for the team and making them more powerful. There are so many heroes in the game, that the process will take weeks and months to accomplish. With the prospect of getting new modes and new heroes in the future, that makes the game almost endless.

A menu of the Story Mode of the Injustice 2 Mobile game - fights of superheroes
But what about the story mode? This is a special mode with no influence on the main process of developing your team. Superman became a tyrant in the previous game of the series – in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Joker deceived badly the guy from Krypton, and Superman has decided to eliminate all evil in one turn, killing with no mercy all criminals, all bad guys. Batman doesn’t support this decision. He fights against Superman and his team. But then… a new threat appears, and Batman should deal with it – Brainiac on the peak of his power. Battling him is the core of the Injustice 2 Mobile plot. 

The story mode is really interesting. And it makes gamers think about the other side of super powers. We watch a short scene, we fight. We watch another one scene, and we fight again. Fights here are quite difficult, and to reach the end of the story players should develop their virtual fighting skills in other modes.

Features of mobile gameplay

Without a gamepad, controlling in Injustice 2 Mobile just can’t give all possibilities of the big game. Players tap and swipe in different directions to activate different actions. Heroes fight on an excellent level, but sometimes you may feel inconveniences of such controlling, not perfect response of heroes. Still, it is obvious that the developers made their best to simplify fighting controlling for real possibilities of touch screens.

Screenshots from Injustice 2 Mobile - a free fighting game for tablets and smartphones

The graphic and sounds in the game are on a very high level. It is nice just to watch heroes fighting. Especially when they use the most powerful special abilities – it is a super show, weird, but impressive.

If you like fighting games, try Injustice 2 Mobile. If you like super heroes of DC comics – you really, really should play Injustice 2 Mobile! 

But take one advice from us – don’t use girls and guys, which you don’t like, even if they are super powerful. It may spoil the game experience. If you like superheroes, a cruel style of villains may make you fill uncomfortable. If you prefer the aggressive style of villains, you may just be bored with the noble heroes. And of course, don’t waste your resources on developing those, who you don’t like. The game proposes many ways and styles, so choose the best for you.

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